Friday, April 10, 2009

Material Possessions

I've thought about it, and decided I've restricted myself too much in my chosen topic of discussion. I have other opinions to express besides how much "X-Town" pisses me off. Therefore, the box has been lifted... *boom*

Why don't they make me happy?

I love shopping. Shopping is one of my passions. It gives me a buzz. Unfortunately the buzz wears off once I get home. Then comes the burden of unpacking the bags and hanging up the clothes. Is shopping therapy equivalent to a small dose of adrenaline?

I went on a splurge today (well my mother was paying, but I pitched in with a gasp when I saw the total amount on the little cash machine display window...). The process of shopping itself is incredible, especially since I made a special 'fashionable' effort in my appearance today. Nothing quite compares with the general feel-good of people looking back at you as you pass them on the street (or in a store).

Today my wardrobe got two new wonderful additions. Now all that's left to find is an occasion to take them out into the world...

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  1. Ah shopping! The only downsides are that it costs money and there's always a wait before you can wear your best buys. You couldn't have that problem on the Upper East Side. There's always a party to crash or a luncheon to be seen at!