Friday, April 10, 2009

Material Possessions

I've thought about it, and decided I've restricted myself too much in my chosen topic of discussion. I have other opinions to express besides how much "X-Town" pisses me off. Therefore, the box has been lifted... *boom*

Why don't they make me happy?

I love shopping. Shopping is one of my passions. It gives me a buzz. Unfortunately the buzz wears off once I get home. Then comes the burden of unpacking the bags and hanging up the clothes. Is shopping therapy equivalent to a small dose of adrenaline?

I went on a splurge today (well my mother was paying, but I pitched in with a gasp when I saw the total amount on the little cash machine display window...). The process of shopping itself is incredible, especially since I made a special 'fashionable' effort in my appearance today. Nothing quite compares with the general feel-good of people looking back at you as you pass them on the street (or in a store).

Today my wardrobe got two new wonderful additions. Now all that's left to find is an occasion to take them out into the world...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pre-Blog-Commencement Post

It is still as much of a mystery to me as it is to you regarding the future content of this blog. Initially inspired by every woman's favorite TV show, Sex and the City, I began searching for inspiration on the topic in my own small jungle of (cheap) labels and (stunning lack of) love...

Our Labels hardly extend beyond the small, old-faithful Tommy Hilfiger 'corner shop' down the street and the disorganized, crowded TKMAXX store (or as I like to call it "America's Hand-Me-Downs"). The more traditional Labels here is the store which hides behind the clothes tag named "Atmosphere" - which in the real world is code for "cheap and cheerful". Yes ladies and (hopefully!) gentlemen, I'm talking about the famous Brittish retailer PRIMARK, who got a less conspicuous name of PENNEY'S here in Eíre.

As for Love, this is an area which need a lot more investigating. But from so far collected personal experience, the grass is never actually greener on the other side. I think love is the only thing in life that meets the standards of equality, i.e. we all suffer a sh*tload from it, and all I can do is give you my perspective of the matter and many personal anecdotes, which I hope you will tune in to.

Until further notice,

Yours Faithfully.

Bringing a little "glamor and cocktail" to a conservative Irish town.